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Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) is a privately-owned company that provides advanced intelligence-led solutions to a range of security problems and help you stay ahead of the curve. We help our clients move from a reactive to a pre-emptive stance to focus valuable time and resources on preventing an incident happening in the first place rather than on dealing with its fallout. By concentrating on protection against threats, whether physical or cyber, business decisions become better informed and achieve more positive outcomes.

We believe in a team approach to problem-solving. Led by senior professionals whether executives or engineers, EMDYN ensures a coordinated response to client requirements.

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Our history

EMDYN was founded by CEO Tim Van Renterghem in 2008 and has grown in the wake of the increasing security threats posed to all kinds of organisations. Our mission is to champion intelligence-led security solutions and develop innovative technologies and strategies to overcome both cyber and physical threats.

From our headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, we are ideally placed to service our key markets in EMEA. Our staff adopts a hands-on approach to client service. We ensure you always deal with a senior team member first-hand. We are flexible, responsive and proactive, with the agility to work successfully within complex environments.

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Our experience

EMDYN has an extensive range of industrial and technological experience with medium to large companies, government departments and institutions. We operate worldwide with a key focus on the EMEA region. Currently we are working with vital industries including defence and national security, healthcare, oil & gas, mining and financial services..

Working globally across a wide range of vertical markets has helped EMDYN to establish a clear value proposition for its clients, with emphasis on creating a bespoke solution to address a client problem. We aim to ensure that the client journey is as smooth as possible by effective communication throughout the problem-solution process.

Our key services include intelligence monitoring, secure data fusion and analytics for subjects such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks and country specific risks, plus complementary technology consultancy and development services. Our experience in all these areas gives clients new to EMDYN the reassurance of technical competence combined with personal service.

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Our values

Security is a serious subject that calls for a high standard of technical competence and a true commitment to the task. Technology can also be fun and it is important for us that the client experience is personable; honest, reliable yet always friendly.

At EMDYN we aim to demonstrate dedication in our work, a real passion for technology and personal service that has the client’s welfare at its heart. We don’t like to shout about who we work for but are always happy to provide bonafide references.

We are currently active in a number of industries including defence and national security, healthcare, oil & gas, mining and financial services.

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EMDYN Platform

EMDYN Platform draws together layers of data from a raft of sources and provides a comprehensive analysis tool. It delivers a set of capabilities to help you make better informed decisions via a series of modules – EMDYN Geo, Deep Search and BioTrace.

Data Fusion & Analytics

EMDYN provides secure data fusion and analytics custom-made to clients’ specific needs via a fully integrated intelligence system. We draw from a huge range of data sources to build data analytics and predictive analysis to improve business process performance and speed.

Intelligence Solutions

EMDYN delivers accurate and actionable intelligence insights to significantly reduce operational risks from external sources ranging from terrorism to natural disasters, from physical to digital threats, integrating all you need to know about security and risks to your operations.