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EMDYN Platform is our bespoke geospatial intelligence fusion application. It draws together location intelligence data from an array of sources in a single application to provide unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement. The technology behind EMDYN Platform delivers exceptional analytic and artificial intelligence capabilities, rapidly facilitating detailed analysis of a raft of sources including commercial and non-commercial data feeds.


An end to intelligence silos

EMDYN’s Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Software has been developed to empower analysts with fast and actionable intelligence in a single screen. EMDYN Platform overcomes the common risk of information silos by bringing together multiple location intelligence data sources in a single application for fast and smart querying.

EMDYN Platform helps you to connect the dots and uncover relationships where previously blind spots may have resulted in missing vital links in your intelligence analysis. Importantly, it draws links from various intelligence sources that significantly increase the intelligence production process and enhances collaboration. At its heart lies a powerful engine and an intuitive interface for fast and easy data access.

EMDYN Platform is designed exclusively for the security industry to provide answers to those who, what, when and where questions. Through the Platform, users can visualise, navigate and analyse multiple big data sources simultaneously in an intuitive and resource-effective manner. It delivers a set of capabilities to help you make better informed decisions.

EMDYN Platform provides a one-stop shop for intelligence analysts working in a geospatial or activity-based intelligence setting. The focus of the platform is on manipulating multiple large data­ sources, which are virtually limitless due to the open-ended integration possibilities, and overlaying these as complementary levels of context in the intelligence investigation.


EMDYN Platform features

EMDYN Platform makes data work for you to help drive faster and smarter, critical decision making, finding vital connections that might otherwise be lost.

Many sources all in one place

EMDYN Platform draws together layers of data from a whole raft of sources to provide a comprehensive analysis tool. Data can be seamlessly integrated from internal, external, classified, commercial and non-commercial feeds. Patterns can be swiftly identified and the risk of siloing avoided leading to a significant improvement in both the speed and ease of the analysis process and the quality of its outcomes.

Identify – Analyse – Determine

EMDYN Platform features an integrated toolkit comprising a comprehensive case management system, detailed record management allowing you to map associations between personnel and hardware and an executive summary dashboard. The process takes three steps: identify the key data relevant to the situation from as wide a range of sources as possible, analyse it in depth forensically and finally determine action to be taken.

Big Data capability

EMDYN Platform provides a one-stop shop for analysts working in a geospatial or activity-based intelligence setting. Our ability to handle vast ‘Big Data’ on the fly, with queries filtering trillions of data points and visualising millions of outputs simultaneously, makes the analyst workflow incredibly fast and intuitive. The immediacy of results, and accessibility of alternate data layers within a single platform, prevents unnecessary delays during the discovery and analysis phases.

External or In-house

EMDYN Platform can be securely hosted at EMDYN’s data centre or in-house to the user’s preference and is specifically designed to be easily integrated with clients’ own data. EMDYN Platform is a modern, future-proof solution that is especially relevant to any working in intelligence and security services who requires the most up to date information to plan current operations and predict future possibilities.

Extensible and customisable

EMDYN Platform has been developed as a highly extensible and customisable technology framework. It can be adapted to meet the most complex needs, work flows and security standards. Delivering reliability and speed, it is built from the ground up to be future-proof. You can really make it your own by integrating existing structured and unstructured data sources as well as sensor data from various sources.

For efficient collaboration

EMDYN Platform allows secure collaboration across departments and information exchange with other internal or even external users. Valuable actionable intelligence can be shared more efficiently to provide a faster, more effective response to future threats. Whether you have a nationwide or cross organisation requirement to share classified information EMDYN aims to provide analytical bandwidth and get the job done faster with fewer people.

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