Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) is a highly specialised company which provides agile intelligence-led solutions to a range of security problems, so your business can stay ahead of the curve. We aim to empower you with visionary technology and grant you full insight into your security issues. We believe in a team approach to problem solving. Always led by dedicated senior professionals, whether executives or engineers, EMDYN ensures a co-ordinated, high-level response to our clients’ requirements.

We help you move from a reactive to a pre-emptive stance so you can focus valuable time and resources on achieving your organisation’s goals. Rather than on dealing with its fallout, we focus on preventing an incident occurring in the first place. By concentrating on protection against threats, whether physical or cyber, business decisions become better informed and achieve more positive outcomes.

The EMDYN process

EMDYN works globally across a wide range of vertical markets, supporting medium and large corporations, government departments and institutions.

We analyse the threats both cyber and physical to deliver early warnings and indicators of potential future incidents. EMDYN’s recommendations are informed by leading edge data collection and analytic practices while our expertise extends across the whole security spectrum. Our service is truly global so wherever you operate and wherever the threat is coming from, EMDYN is on hand to help you.

Our security solutions

Our core services deliver solutions that address major security concerns. EMDYN provides secure data fusion and analytics, custom-made to clients’ specific needs via a fully integrated intelligence system. Our cyber security and threat intelligence services give your organisation actionable information to prevent or mitigate risks. EMDYN BioTrace is an innovative, ultra-fast detection and validation system using cutting edge facial and voice biometric technology while dSecure offers the ultimate solution for automatically protecting business documents and emails.

The EMDYN difference

Even in today’s digital age, the old adage that prevention is better than cure still rings true. So, we believe that it is far better to try to stop a bad thing taking place than it is to fix it once it has. EMDYN has the talent and capability to deliver flexible, highly responsive solutions to meet your security needs.

Whether you require help with cyber protection, surveillance systems, security monitoring, data encryption, or just some plain advice, EMDYN is a phone call or email away. You can also use our Enquiry Form here