EMDYN Vigilance™ Unseen Data at your Fingertips


Advance Warning Of Threats Against Your Employees And Facilities


Where Are My Valuable Assets/ Are They At Risk?


Satellite Communication: M2M Phones and VSAT Solutions


EMDYN Vigilance™ Terrorism, Natural Disaster, Disease Outbreak


Trust at First Sight


Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) is a privately-held security company delivering intelligence-led security solutions that help people to get ahead of the threat curve. We drive critical decision making with dedicated and independent expertise which encompasses the entire security landscape. Our depth of knowledge is essential in meeting the multi-layered threats posed to enterprise customers across a wide range of vertical markets.

Our comprehensive range of intelligence services and solutions can help clients to secure critical systems, protect against cyber-attacks and conduct forensic investigations. We can notify you about the threat of terrorism, the spread of disease or even negative posts on social media. We offer global coverage – our solutions are not limited to a single country or continent, so when you need multi-national security solutions, we will always deliver.

No matter where you are, and no matter where the threat is coming from, we’ve got your covered. Contact our team today to find out more about the comprehensive security solutions we offer.

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