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Employing the full capabilities of our powerful EMDYN Platform, we offer clients customised analytical services to provide finished intelligence products for immediate dissemination or to aid their own investigations.
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Bespoke analysis to meet your needs

EMDYN’s analytical services help clients unlock additional bandwidth in developing complex cases using our geospatial intelligence capabilities. EMDYN’s analytical team employs significant levels of proficiency through these services through expert knowledge of the platform and its various data sources. Our analytical services can be applied stand-alone, as individual intelligence reports, or integrated within an onboarding process for in-house users of EMDYN Platform. The combination of direct access to the platform with these analytical services can equally support training activities and guarantees an initial operational capability.
Our analytical services are provided as different tiers of bespoke intelligence products to fit the exact needs of our clients. Reports can vary from focusing on initial discovery with a rapid turnaround, to more granular in-depth analysis and through to ongoing monitoring of identified activities, assets or locations. The different levels of intelligence products allow clients to integrate EMDYN’s finished intelligence output into their own workflow in the most efficient manner for them.
EMDYN’s analytical services are delivered to a wide spectrum of clients across governments, NGOs and industry. The intelligence products are applicable across a wide range of use cases, ranging from national security to humanitarian emergencies and economic interests. The applications below are just a selection of typical use cases that EMDYN Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Platform and analytical services can address.
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National security

Investigations into patterns of life at security facilities can help identify and understand the activities of adversarial organisations. Such analyses in the past have revealed valuable tactical information as well as early warning and descriptions of deployments. Similarly, the study of activity around the development of new capabilities can provide close monitoring and assessment of those capabilities.

Humanitarian emergencies

By providing independent metrics and visualisations of mobility in low-access territories, analysis can aid interpretation of trends in human migration flows. The capability to understand human activity and mobility through the fusion of multiple data sources within EMDYN Platform can even facilitate risk assessments in support of health care efforts when responding to pandemics.

Illicit activities

The activities of cross-border smuggling networks, whether they be engaged in human trafficking, arms smuggling, drugs trade or many other illicit activities, can be identified and understood through EMDYN’s analytical capability. The ability geographically to pinpoint regular smuggling routes, vulnerabilities in border security or illegal mining activities provides actionable insights.

Due diligence

The capability to remotely monitor or characterise the activities of, or those associated with, critical assets helps to limit exposure to risk in investment and insurance market sectors. EMDYN analysis can provide warning of suspicious or unexpected activities, as well as establishing baselines for future monitoring of such activity.
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