Accurate, timely information is key in assessing the aftermath of natural disasters from earthquakes or volcanic eruptions to disease outbreaks, pandemics, fires or floods – situations where NGOs may be the first on the ground.
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EMDYN Platform can be deployed to gain a rapid understanding of the impact on the ground of all kinds of natural disasters or man-made incidents, however remote the territory, using satellite imagery and location intelligence data. Borders are no barrier and planning how to respond is made clearer through the process of quickly harnessing all relevant data.
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Understanding the problem

In the face of human emergencies, whether they stem from natural disasters or are man-made, EMDYN helps to visualise and understand human mobility patterns and activity to support non-governmental organisations in formulating a response and monitoring progress. The latest satellite imagery and location intelligence data can be utilised to plan how best to deliver humanitarian aid.

Working beyond borders 

EMDYN’s Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Platform provides key insights remotely without the limitations usually imposed by borders. These helps established or changing trends within areas with very limited access to be understood fully. In this way, EMDYN also provides unrivalled capabilities in monitoring cross-border and transnational emergencies.

Broad applications

Whether the focus of our NGO clients is on identifying potential areas of need within theatres of complex emergencies, understanding second-degree impacts across broader regions or enhancing the security of their own assets on the ground, EMDYN’s capabilities have them fully covered.
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See beyond the threat

Whether you require expert solutions to specific intelligence problems or just some initial advice, EMDYN is a phone call or email away. You can also use our Enquiry Form here

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