Organisations at risk

Today all kinds of organisations find their digital footprint is expanding rapidly due to the growing digital demand of their customers and the boundless efficiency gains arising from technology advances. With such opportunities, though, come great risks, particularly as cyber security gets more complex and the potential points of attack in your infrastructure grow larger. A further risk is that cyber security becomes separate from physical security preventing a complete situational overview of these threats. Businesses face bottlenecks and are finding it hard to scale these technologies, impeding core business transformation and the release of capital.

With the volume of data with possible threat indicators growing exponentially, there is the need to harvest this data correctly to turn it into an opportunity to eliminate threats, rather than add to them. EMDYN can help by realigning digital investments and building the right operating model and digital capabilities to make organisations more agile and able to scale to value.

EMDYN is not just another IT business trying its hand at cyber security. We have adopted a strategic approach to this vital issue since the very beginnings of the company.

At EMDYN we believe that a good security framework does not stop with simply implementing best practices in information security. Information gathered only becomes threat intelligence when properly analysed and evaluated in context: how reliable are the sources, what patterns are emerging, what overall picture of the intentions and capabilities of cyber threats is forming.

We strongly believe in protecting your assets, both physical and virtual, from all kinds of threat actors, tools and TTPs arising from the digital domain. Therefore, we employ actionable threat intelligence from a range of sources to protect systems, assets, people and your brand.

Analysis of trends, patterns of activity or methods associated with a specific threat actor or terrorist group assists counter-intelligence and security operations through gaining an understanding of how threat agents perform attacks. This can aid the prevention of attacks or provide timely warnings

Tailored to your needs

Some organisations have a large network of physical and digital assets to protect against potential risks. At EMDYN we address this through our intelligence services where the physical and the digital world is interwoven. Other organisations may only need to secure their digital perimeter. If so, our Managed Cyber Security Services will give the business and those responsible a tool to detect and stop cyber-attacks with a built-in executive overview.


Designed for larger organisations with both physical and digital assets to secure, EMDYN can offer an all-inclusive package. We deliver actionable intelligence by connecting the material world with the cyber realm to significantly reduce operational risk and protect profitability. We collate multiple data points and analyse them in context to provide these insights to ensure that organisations are better prepared for future incidents, whether cyber or physical.

Managed Cyber Security Services

At EMDYN security is embedded in our DNA. We provide managed cyber security services for businesses that need specific cyber security without physical threat monitoring. Our hyper secure infrastructure will control your critical applications and protect your data to the highest standards. As a specialist in this field, our services are fully designed around your needs with a platform that gives you an executive overview of what is happening in your IT environment.


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