EMDYN Managed Security Services

EMDYN operates a highly secure and private international infrastructure in which it provides premium managed services for a select number of clients who appreciate the need for an exceptional level of security. Today’s complex and fast-evolving digital environment presents increasing risks of security disruption to all kinds of organisations so adequate protection is vital.

Without proper safeguards when a cyber-attack is mounted, damage limitation is often the only response offered to its serious consequences. Organisations which have no overview of events happening within their IT infrastructure are far more unlikely to detect such threats until it is too late.

EMDYN operates its own Autonomous System AS200308 with high-density points of presence in multiple connected locations across Europe. We have a set of premium Tier 1 transits that deliver the best possible connectivity with the lowest latency and packet loss. We also interconnect with multiple Eyeball networks to offer premium connectivity.

We are able to support private and encrypted connectivity to any major network with bandwidths up to 100GB. We offer bespoke managed services flexible enough to fulfil the needs of our clients ranging from virtual machines to large scale containerised infrastructures. As a specialist supplier in this field, our services are fully designed around your needs with a platform that gives you an executive overview of what is happening in your IT environment.

To maintain the highest level of security, our data centre locations are kept secret and are built to withstand a multitude of physical threats. All these facilities have 24/7 CCTV monitoring and are fully guarded with strict access control. We provide redundant climate, power and multiple redundant fibre paths should your main network go down. Certain facilities can withstand electromagnetic pulses or even direct nuclear impact with multi layered blast-proof entrances, while others could still operate in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster.

Multi-layered defences are built in while EMDYN constantly invests in new technology to ensure the highest level of protection from digital threats. The network and infrastructure operate 24/7 with security monitoring as standard. Our hyper secure infrastructure is designed to control your critical applications and fully protect your data.

Secure by design

We can offer a custom solution for midsize enterprises, managing every stage in the security process. EMDYN operates its own autonomous system to get network visibility up to the highest level. Multiple layered network security ensures visibility and protection of every byte in and out. We can offer dedicated Layer 2 encrypted capacity to virtually anywhere in the world or Layer 3 encrypted lines direct to your sites with minimal latency.

Flexible by design

Our infrastructure can be segmented by security level and individual requirements. Flexibility is built into to every component. Features include multiple geographic locations and reliable 24/7 uptime and security monitoring. We can guarantee high performance, total security and privacy with managed services dedicated to meeting your needs.

Managed disaster recovery

Employing EMDYN’s managed cyber security services means that your operations are covered even if a catastrophe strikes, whether through a cyber-attack or a natural disaster. We can offload your most critical applications and services to one of our data centres and keep your business operational. We can provide disaster recovery services across all continents and all time-zones.


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