Managed Services

EMDYN Managed Services

At EMDYN security is embedded in our DNA. With a bundled security expertise spanning several decades, we fully understand what a security conscious audience needs and expects from a supplier. Subsequently we have built our hyper secure infrastructure from the ground up to host, operate and manage your critical applications and protect your data to the highest standards. Clarity of purpose and privacy of content are our watch words.

Secure by design

EMDYN operates its own autonomous system to get network visibility up to the highest level. Multiple layered network security offers visibility and protection of every byte in and out. As part of our managed services we can offer dedicated Layer 2 encrypted capacity to virtually anywhere in the world or Layer 3 encrypted lines direct to your business locations with minimal latency. Our infrastructure can be segmented by security level and requirements.

  • Multiple geographic locations
  • 24/7 uptime and security monitoring
  • Highly performant
  • Flexible and customisable
  • Private and dedicated

Services customised to your needs

While a business depends on reliability and security, it also needs flexibility so we ensure our managed services are carefully matched to your needs. Rather than offering standard packages that may not fit your exact business requirements, our managed services can be completely designed around your needs.

Our hyper secure infrastructure can fulfil the most demanding compute, storage and network requirements imaginable. Assured security and high performance make EMDYN managed services an informed choice for all kinds of businesses in an increasingly complex environment.

Managed cyber services

Within our managed services we remove the burden of keeping systems safe and data fully protected from you. Our managed cyber solutions span proactive security monitoring of your infrastructure and incident remediation through to analysis and investigation of complex incidents. We can operate software, perform analysis, and conduct forensic investigations and sandboxing.

Managed computing resources

Security can be resource intense; CPU, storage and GPU need to scale to your needs especially when processing highly sensitive data or needing heavy computable or storage requirements. Whether you are looking to deploy complex machine learning capabilities, perform data enrichment or security search, we deliver the resources you need at the time when you need them most.

Managed disaster recovery

Employing EMDYN’s managed services means that your operations are covered even if a catastrophe strikes, whether through a cyber attack or a natural disaster. We can offload your most critical applications and services to one of our data centres and keep your business operational. We can provide disaster recovery services across all continents and all time-zones.

Cyber & Intelligence

Our cyber security and threat intelligence services give your organisation actionable information to prevent or mitigate risks. Whether it is by closely monitoring the dark web and open sources, high-end encryption of network and other data, or digital forensics, EMDYN has your back.


Our surveillance offering ranges across both the digital and physical domains. From video analytics and biometrics to global television and radio monitoring and all source surveillance platforms, EMDYN provides a fully integrated solution to monitoring risks and detecting threats.

Integrated Services

Integration is the key to creating a comprehensive security platform. EMDYN offers integrated services including video walls, command and control room furniture and integration of all source data into a single data, large scale analytics platform.

Managed Services

EMDYN offers a wide range of managed services, creating a fully secure environment for data processing and storage. Unlike an in-house data centre which may be more vulnerable to attacks if using cloud storage, EMDYN provides a private, secure environment.

Vendor Services

Our vendor services gives software vendors access to new territories and markets. We serve as a platform to deliver managed services, and provide support and sales into major IT distribution companies.