Delivering actionable intelligence

In this era of mass information, organisations face multiple problems in collecting data that can provide actionable intelligence on security risks; where do you look, are the sources reliable, is the sweep broad enough? The list goes on. Without comprehensive and correct data any analysis, however detailed, is unlikely to reveal the required solution.

To understand the full picture, multiple data points need to be collated, analysed and contextualised to provide truly actionable intelligence insight. With access to rich data sources and the expertise to analyse and contextualise the findings,EMDYN can deliver that solution, ensuring that organisations are better prepared for future incidents, whether cyber or physical.

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The key to delivering actionable intelligence is to connect the material world with the cyber realm. Cyber threats are just part of a broad spectrum of risks that organisations face. Disruption from physical issues such as terrorism, civil unrest, environmental activism, crime and natural disasters are part of an extensive list which can dwarf the cost of even the most dangerous cyber-attack.

For business conducted within a globalised market, accurate and actionable intelligence insights can significantly reduce operational risk and protect profitability.

Focusing on open sources such as TV channels, news, blogs, forums and social media or the dark and the deep web, EMDYN collects data around locations, organisations persons and specific events that provide contextual intelligence.

Many security professionals now realise that they need extra tools and methods to effectively combat risks to their business in addition to protecting their organisation’s perimeter with traditional network security measures. These include better insights into potential attacks and a deeper understanding of threat actors and their motivations with protection from threats not only to their digital assets but equally to physical infrastructure and employees.

Consult a specialist

Threats can develop daily within multiple time zones across both physical and digital realms. Few organisations have the resources, technical tools and in-house specialist staff to deliver the level of intelligence that a specialist provider can. EMDYN has developed purpose-built tools, has access to multiple data sources and the expertise to analyse and contextualise the resulting insights.

Expertise in action

EMDYN places the best-in-class analysts at your disposal. For both cyber and geospatial intelligence, we provide in-depth investigations in a number of fields from due diligence for mergers or acquisitions, insider threats and lawsuits to geographic assessments, adversarial group reports and post-incident monitoring. Our analytic and investigative services have also helped organisations to uncover key elements in fraud investigations, illicit trade such as drugs, explosives or weapons, and collect early warnings or indicators for physical and cyber threats.

Influencing decision making

EMDYN believes that data analytics drive critical decision making. Our data scientists develop algorithmic processes that can pull insights from a growing pool of data sources to create new breakthroughs that reveal previously undetected patterns and potential risks. We process a large number of data sets from various sources and keep track of historical data to help predict what is coming next and what might affect your business tomorrow. We employ a set of machine learning technologies that allows us to analyse data at the petabyte scale.

Integrating all risks

EMDYN brings together everything you need to know about security or risks to your operations under one roof. Able to screen data from a huge range of sources, we deliver practical and timely insights across the risk spectrum from geopolitical trends to country-specific risks, keeping security stakeholders fully briefed. As part of our extended digital content tracing services, we can now offer file distribution mapping, so organisations can see where dangerous files are being shared on P2P networks, such as how to build IEDs, and identify users who have downloaded such material.


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