Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Platform

locate - understand - predict

EMDYN Platform draws together layers of data from a raft of sources and provides a comprehensive analysis tool. Our GEO Module forms an integral part of the EMDYN Platform, drawing on a massive bank of location data to offer clients unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement that relate to or affect their organisations. Rather than simply providing targeted surveillance or interception technology, EMDYN’s intelligence gathering capabilities help organisations to become more efficient and be far more focused in their investigations.

Widely used by law enforcement and military intelligence, EMDYN’s Geo Module offers fresh insights into human activity and patterns of mobility across your specified areas of interest that satellite imagery alone cannot deliver. As a client, there are no restrictions to the areas of interest you can specify, so you could target, say, anything from an individual building in a city to the whole city or beyond.

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Fast and user-friendly

Despite the vast data sets at the heart of EMDYN’s Geo Module, once the parameters are set, the process of analysis is surprisingly fast and efficient. The application provides highly granular and sophisticated intelligence capabilities at the touch of a button, greatly enhancing the level of critical information potentially available to all law enforcement, security and intelligence services.

User-friendly, EMDYN’s Geo Module has been built from the ground up to process trillions of records at lightning speed so you can manage, visualise and explore millions of data points in one go. Whether you are analysing a major city or one or more large countries, we can address your complex query and data visualisation requirements.

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A potent tool

EMDYN’s Geo Module has been taken up by selected agencies for whom it has proved to be an exceptionally potent tool in the fight against serious crime. It has been utilised in a number of investigations into criminal activity, including terrorism, drug and people trafficking and many other forms of organised crime.

As the client, you determine the scope and scale of the required analysis. With a global data set growing by up to 5 billion records per day, you can access fresh data daily from various sources all year round. Historical data is also available so information from previous geographic locations at specific dates or times in the past can be retrieved.

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Data sources & integration

The ability to draw data from multiple sources ensures our application is robust, comprehensive and fully flexible. For example, you have the option to integrate high resolution satellite imagery through to data captured from sources including cell towers, motor vehicles, shipping and flight schedules.

Our Geo Module is specially designed so that users can integrate it with their organisation’s own data; for example, with criminal records, traffic statistics or demographic profiles. In addition, an important feature is the means to compare multiple large areas of interests; for instance, to examine movements between two different AOIs such as a suspected criminal facility and a geographic base for a known criminal organisation.

Intelligence gathering

Our module can help to understand the movements of people within a particular building or organisation over a period of time. Once the area of interest and time frame is set, the analysis will reveal the travel patterns of all signals/data of interest. Examined over a period of several months, you immediately uncover all the regularly visited locations for each device. Date ranges can be easily adjusted to reveal more answers as required. This kind of application is suitable for monitoring the activities of organised crime or suspected terrorist cells.

Border security

Borders are increasingly sensitive areas around which to manage safety and security. To assist immigration control, previous signal locations can assist in verifying migrant departure points and routes of travel. Illegal transit routes used seasonally can be identified by analysing historic travel patterns at different times of the year. The signals of migrants preparing to cross borders can be tracked while those from migrant traffickers may ultimately aid capture by law enforcement agencies.

Military intelligence

EMDYN’s Geo Module has a host of valuable applications for the military. It can help monitor activity around military bases, or track the build-up of forces around sensitive country borders. Changes to the number of personnel at key locations over time and associated travel patterns can be clearly identified within the data. Signals related to specific vessels or aircraft, or even high-profile individuals can also be examined while an analysis of repeated close proximity of signals can help establish relationships that exist with people and organisations.

Disaster & emergencies

A further application can be in response to any kind of disaster or emergency situation. This could include natural disasters such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, disease outbreaks, pandemics, fires or floods. In these situations, access to the latest satellite imagery is vital and we can ensure that the quality of that imagery is at the best available resolution. Similarly, data from cell towers and mobile devices can help plot the flow of people in the wake of a natural disaster or major incident.


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