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EMDYN BioTrace is our bespoke biometric facial and object recognition system within EMDYN Platform combining situational awareness with detailed security insights. We recognise that many organisations struggle to verify the identity of persons, especially in this interconnected and fast-changing world where an individual can easily hide, fraudulently mask or change their identity. Similarly, there is a growing need to provide situational awareness via object or activity detection.

Current facial recognition systems can be used for accreditation of a person against a passport or ID document, but are incapable of rapidly searching very large databases or video repositories for that same face, or linking it to other information sources. EMDYN BioTrace provides an ultra-fast and user-friendly solution with applications equally for physical recognition of objects and anomalies.

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High speed detection and validation

EMDYN BioTrace outperforms existing systems in terms of detection and validation by delivering high-end operating capability on a very large scale at extremely high speeds. It can rapidly search huge databases or video repositories and link to other information sources.

With BioTrace we can guarantee the identity of a person 1-2-1 but equally 1-2-Many and connect it to our investigative tool, fully compliant with privacy legislation and enabling the client to link identity to a situation or file with the help of external sources. Malicious activities can be effectively uncovered via tracking objects and activities as well as people.

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Fast, cost effective and scalable

Ever-increasing numbers of pictures and video files are being viewed, stored and archived, making it impossible to examine and catalogue such data manually due to its sheer volume alone. EMDYN BioTrace offers a fast, cost effective and scalable solution via a proven method of automatic searching and indexing of large image and video repositories.

It is a system with a broad range of applications and employs high performance algorithms to process often less than perfect source data way beyond human scale detection. EMDYN BioTrace can search at a rate of approx. 800m faces per second so finding a face in a one billion dataset can be done instantly.

Interactive dashboard and insights

EMDYN BioTrace includes a SITREP resource with an interactive dashboard to monitor security in real time so you are able to see, for example, who is entering a facility, spot unauthorised entry and assess risks. An executive summary is available so you can easily identify security priorities. EMDYN BioTrace can also provide detailed insights – a real time visual representation of security, 3D models of buildings, interactive alerting and CCTV views leading to fast recognition of anomalies in a security context.

Integrating diverse source material

Using secure web scale technologies, we can assimilate material from a wide variety of digital sources from over 70 social media networks to more than 2,000 TV channels and thousands of digital news sources in multiple languages, monitored 24/7. We can also draw from NGO sources within areas of natural disaster and disease control in high risk regions and integrate clients’ own data too.

Creating a cutting-edge databank

Our investigative tool creates a cutting-edge databank that helps to identify threats and offers valuable insights into what lies behind them. This asset-based approach to intelligence gathering can define an area of interest from an individual facility to an entire country, while we can engage high-resolution satellite images so that hard to reach regions and facilities can be fully visualised.

EMDYN BioTrace key applications

Financial services

BioTrace enables customer bank accounts to be authenticated using passport scans to combat fake identities. It can be integrated with ATMs equipped with CCTV to enable biometric validation of cash withdrawals and allow intervention in the event of fraudulent use. It automatically blacklists fake IDs to protect against future incursions.

Counter terrorism and organised crime

BioTrace can assist in the battle against the funding of terrorism and organised crime across the globe. EMDYN offers a subscription to our expanding facial database of fake and multiple IDs, terror suspects and known fraudsters to help identify any of these individuals within a bank or insurer’s customer database.


BioTrace applies facial recognition technology at large sporting events or stadium concerts to identify known hooligans, terrorists, criminals or people subject to banning orders, matching a membership card or ticket with a passport or other form of facial ID, creating a safer environment by alerting security personnel to known persons of interest.


BioTrace can help prevent known criminals, fraudsters, card counters or even those who have opted for voluntary exclusion from entering a client’s premises. It can also be used positively to alert management to the arrival of VIP guests to ensure they are welcomed immediately.

Border control

BioTrace is a valuable tool in facilitating accurate and timely border control. It can prevent access when people try to enter a country illegally or conversely used to validate a traveller’s status when the passport shown is a correct match for that individual.

Business premises

BioTrace helps safeguard businesses from the threat of common theft through to industrial espionage by precision facial screening of both employees and visitors. It provides an instant check if unauthorised personnel try to enter a site and equally grant access where permitted.


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