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In 2006 leading Data Scientist, Clive Humby claimed that “Data is the new oil” and today virtually every organisation would acknowledge this as true. Humby added that, like oil, data is valuable but if unrefined it can’t really be used. So, data must be broken down and carefully analysed for it to have value. Yet working with data in a business is beset with difficulties, frustrations and even dangerous consequences if not handled appropriately.

Data handling can involve a set of challenges; perhaps the right data is inaccessible, in multiple locations or difficult to analyse or search. Downloading files onto personal computers or with an exposed datalink can prove risky. Data analysis soon becomes time-consuming and unproductive while off the shelf systems may not fit the organisation’s needs. Issues like these indicate a systemic root problem: an unsecure IT environment and an inefficient integrated intelligence system which doesn’t match the needs of the organisation.

It’s time to talk to EMDYN about how we can overcome these issues and instead turn your data into actionable knowledge.

EMDYN offers clients secure data fusion and analytics which are custom-made to their specific needs. We can build a fully integrated intelligence system drawing from a raft of disparate data sources which enables data analytics and predictive analysis to augment the performance and the speed of your business processes, all within a secure IT-environment. We bring cutting edge science to deliver technological answers to complex problems, yet our custom-made approach avoids the extra cost of expensive licenses and loss of time taken to adapt existing systems.

We help organisations of all sizes and from different parts of the world to find that needle in a haystack and deliver exceptional data fusion, analytic and AI capabilities on very large data sets.

EMDYN has been working with big data since the company was formed. Our experience in this area covers a host of subjects including defence, security and investigations, R&D, financial services, healthcare, retail and government.

Your data - your way

EMDYN understands that every project has its own unique demands and so we tailor the solution to your exact circumstances. We let you work with the data your way and not the other way around, placing the data in the most suitable database for your particular needs.

We apply a 4-step process to bring your data together to create actionable results.


EMDYN can input data from a huge range of sources whether internal, external, open or closed. We can assimilate data from all kinds of media too including digital, audio and visual files, so nothing relevant is missed.

Data Fusion & Integration

Multiple data sources are fused to give accurate, useful information. Data integration provides a unified view of these different sources. The process has wide commercial and scientific applications.

Turn Data into Knowledge

We design and build big data solutions to deliver your data your way. Each project has unique needs so we tailor solutions to your situation. Data only becomes knowledge if it is accessible in the right format.


We deliver exceptional analytic and AI capabilities on very large data sets. Security is fully embedded to ensure your critical business data is protected. We offer a multi-tiered approach from situational awareness to deep analysis.

Additional features

We believe that integration is the key to creating a comprehensive security platform. For example, we can design control room and command centre architecture to enable clients to bring together a huge range of information sources and integrated technology for better decision-making and optimisation of existing resources. Our integrated solutions offer the unique benefit of a visual search through the data, helping you get results quickly and intuitively.

We understand that certain job roles come with specific requirements. EMDYN facilitates a multi-tier analysis allow a holistic situational awareness/executive overview followed by Triage/1st level of analysis and Deep Analysis. Your organisation can also benefit from automation and pre-classification techniques that help you save time and facilitate predictive modelling. We build and integrate with numerous Machine Learning algorithms and even with third party algorithms.

Using EMDYN integrated solutions clients can increase productivity and speed while handling and analysing data and equally comply with standards and regulations in the context of privacy and security.


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