In today’s digital age, the threats that organisations face across a globally connected world are becoming increasingly complex. EMDYN helps protect critical information systems and operations of businesses and governmental organisations. EMDYN provides bespoke solutions. We recognise that clients have a range of security needs that are individual to their own business landscapes so we tailor our service to these situations rather than simply offer catch-all solutions.

Cyber Security & Intelligence

Since its inception EMDYN has always maintained a proactive approach to security. We help our clients stay ahead of the threat curve by delivering cutting edge cyber and intelligence services and solutions. Our expert-driven approach covers protection from both physical and virtual cyber threats. The intelligence aspect helps your organisation watch out for digital risks and understand attack vectors.

With cyber criminals employing ever greater sophistication, the use of threat intelligence is increasingly necessary. EMDYN empowers you to become “cyber ready” by providing expertise and employing advanced tools to respond to threats in a timely manner, while reacting swiftly should any systems become compromised. While we focus on developing in-house solutions for clients, we equally work with selected industry-leading partners to offer specific tools and products.


We enable our clients to monitor activities so they can detect and intercept threats, alert others and ultimately respond to events. EMDYN surveillance solutions offer lightning speed detection on a very large scale to provide accurate identification of people, places, objects and even demographics. We can process all kinds of source material from printed documents, such as passport scans and other ID documents, through to digital images taken from social media channels, television or CCTV feeds.

We offer EMDYN BioTrace - a fast detection and validation system employing cutting edge facial and voice biometric technology. It can be applied to a wide range of subjects including financial compliance, fraud prevention, anti-terrorism, border control, access control, surveillance and intelligence gathering. Equally cost effective as a solution, EMDYN BioTrace is already proven to be the most accurate system on the market.

Integrated Services

At EMDYN we like to innovate by building cutting edge science to deliver technological answers to complex problems. We see technology integration as the building blocks of high-grade analytics, applying custom software development to existing environments to make new capabilities available to clients. We combine all kinds of sensor data to deliver fusion centre competencies, incorporate specific surveillance capabilities or can even integrate with mission support systems.

Integration is the key to creating a comprehensive security platform. We can design control room and command centre architecture to enable clients to bring together a huge variety of information sources and integrated technology for better decision-making and optimisation of existing resources.

The EMDYN Experience

As a client of EMDYN, we hope and believe you receive high quality advice and service whether you are dealing with an engineer or executive. Our project teams are always senior-led with staff assigned on the basis of expertise in the relevant fields. We are flexible and highly responsive, operating globally yet always with due regard to the local situation. Our mission is to keep your business or organisation safe and secure and ensure it remains vigilant to security issues at all times.
Vendor Services

There are many challenges from cultural aspects to local compliance regimes and time zones when seeking to open up different markets across the world. To complement our client services, we can provide access to new territories and markets for software vendors, removing the need for them to set up their own distribution and support networks in far flung regions. We ensure systems stay secure and always on. In some cases, we also assist software vendors to channel their products via major IT distribution companies.

The benefits to our clients include integration of software products and the introduction of innovative new products such as dSecure encryption software.

Managed Services

We operate a number of data centres across the world to deliver hyper-secure managed services to clients. These include cyber security, safe private cloud environments and even disaster recovery. Our managed services are truly bespoke as there is no shared infrastructure and a fully secure environment is created for data processing and storage, unlike an in-house data centre which may be exposed to attacks if using public cloud storage.

In addition, EMDYN operates its own autonomous system as part of our managed services allowing globally secure interconnection across over 190 locations worldwide.