In today’s digital age, the threats that organisations face across a globally connected world are becoming increasingly complex. EMDYN helps protect key operations of businesses and governmental organisations. EMDYN provides bespoke solutions. We recognise that clients have a range of security needs that are individual to their own operations so we tailor our service to these situations rather than simply offer catch-all solutions.

EMDYN Platform

Let EMDYN help sharpen up your decision making by making data work for you.  EMDYN Platform draws together layers of data from a broad raft of sources and provides a comprehensive analysis tool. It delivers a set of capabilities to help you make better informed decisions using fresh, accurate geo location data, a new deep search tool giving insights into the deep web and BioTrace, our proprietary biometric detection and validation system.

EMDYN Platform is a software solution that can be securely hosted externally or in-house to the user’s preference. An added feature is that it is specifically designed to be easily integrated with clients’ own data. EMDYN Platform is a modern, future-proof solution that is especially relevant to any working in intelligence and security services who requires the most up to date information to plan current operations and predict future possibilities.

GEO Module

Forming an integral part of the EMDYN Platform, our GEO Module draws on a massive bank of location data to offer clients unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement that relate to or affect their organisations. Our Geospatial Intelligence software is fully flexible and can be provided as a hosted service or integrated into a client’s in-house data centre.

Widely used by law enforcement and military intelligence, EMDYN’s Geo Module offers fresh insights into human activity and patterns of mobility across your specified areas of interest that satellite imagery alone cannot deliver. There are no restrictions to the areas of interest you can specify, allowing you to target anything from an individual building in a city to the whole city or beyond. Clients can choose to subscribe to either single or multiple data feeds, across a group of countries or the whole world.

BioTrace Module

Existing facial recognition systems are commonly in use to accredit a person against a passport or ID document, but are incapable of rapidly searching very large databases or video repositories for that same face, or linking the face to other information sources. Now we have a ready solution to these issues in the shape of EMDYN BioTrace. Ultra-fast and user friendly too, it is combined with our investigative tool to vastly improve the speed and accuracy of detection processes. Fully compliant with privacy legislation, EMDYN BioTrace enables the client to link identity to a situation or file with the aid of external sources.

EMDYN BioTrace is a high-performance detection and validation system employing cutting edge facial biometric technology. It delivers high-end operating capability on a very large scale at extremely high speeds. Its many applications include surveillance, intelligence gathering, financial compliance, fraud prevention, anti-terrorism, border and access control. Equally cost effective as a solution, EMDYN BioTrace is already proven to be the most accurate system on the market.

Data Fusion & Analytics

Data handling can involve a series of challenges. The right data may be inaccessible, be present in multiple locations or difficult to search or analyse, while downloading files onto personal computers or with an exposed datalink can prove especially risky. Often the root problem is an unsecure IT environment and an inefficient integrated intelligence system which fails to match the needs of the organisation. Now EMDYN can help you to overcome these issues and turn your data into actionable knowledge.

EMDYN provides secure data fusion and analytics custom-made to clients’ specific needs via a fully integrated intelligence system. We draw from a huge range of data sources to build data analytics and predictive analysis to improve the performance and the speed of your business processes. We can deliver exceptional data fusion, analytic and AI capabilities on very large data sets. EMDYN has been working with big data since the company was formed and our experience in this area covers subjects which include defence, security and investigations, R&D, financial services, healthcare, retail and government.

Threat Intelligence

Digital footprints are expanding rapidly due to the growing digital demand of customers and efficiency gains from technology advances, bringing opportunities and risks to organisations. We help our clients stay ahead of the threat curve by delivering cutting edge cyber and intelligence led solutions to protect against both physical and virtual threats. We provide actionable information to prevent or mitigate risks, offering expertise and employing advanced tools to respond to threats, while reacting swiftly should any systems become compromised.

Whether you have a large network of physical and digital assets to protect or just need to secure your digital perimeter, EMDYN has a solution for you. For the former, we deliver actionable intelligence, collating multiple data points and analysing them in context to provide insights to ensure organisations are better prepared for future incidents, whether cyber or physical. For businesses that need specific cyber security without physical threat monitoring, we provide managed cyber security services to control your critical applications and protect your data to the highest standards.

The EMDYN Experience

As a client of EMDYN, we hope and believe you receive high quality advice and service whether you are dealing with an engineer or executive. Our project teams are always senior-led with staff assigned on the basis of expertise in the relevant fields. We are flexible and highly responsive, operating globally yet always with due regard to the local situation. Our mission is to keep your business or organisation safe and secure and ensure it remains vigilant to security issues at all times.

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