Cyber Intelligence:

Many security professionals are realizing that in addition to protecting their organization’s perimeter with traditional network security measures, they need additional tools and methods to effectively address risks to their business. They need better insights into potential attacks and a deeper understanding of the threat actors and their motivations, and protection from threats not only to their digital assets, but to their physical infrastructure and employees as well.

Geospatial Intelligence:

Location data is everywhere. EMDYN is using high resolution satellite images to map various data sources which helps us to deliver a Multi-Intelligence led approach to Geospatial Intelligence. Visualise Disease Outbreaks, Natural Disaster, Religion, Concentration of Criminal Activity, Terrorism threats, Hackers… Learn more about on ground conditions before actually going there and uncover the many “unknowns”. Our Geospatial Intelligence services and solutions can also help you track assets or visualise complex security environments and assist in allocating the right resources quickly.


The best in class analysts at your services: for both Cyber Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence EMDYN delivers a wide range of analytical services for in depth investigations. EMDYN offers analytical services for: Due diligence with merger or acquisition, Insider threats, Lawsuits, Geographic Assessments, Adversarial Group Reports, Post incident monitoring. Our Analytic/investigative services can be used for insurance fraud, litigation support, impact analysis, asset tracking and predictive modelling.

Satellite Communications:

Emerging Dynamics is an Airbus DS Partner and delivers a multi-technology portfolio which means we can offer more service choice than any other provider in the world. We deliver mobile and fixed communications services via a range of satellite network operators including Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Loral and SES World Skies.

EMDYN Vigilance™:

Everything you want to know about security or risks at one spot. EMDYN Vigilance offers unseen data collection from various sources. We deliver insight on Geopolitical trends, Disease Outbreaks, Natural Disaster, Cyber Attacks, Data Breaches and Country Specific risks. Our visual appealing interface helps to inform all security stakeholders within your organisation to stay up to date about security matters. Vigilance gathers information from TV channels, websites, forums and social media to deliver the most accurate and nearly realtime information. EMDYN Vigilance also integrates closely with our Cyber Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence Services.

Data Analytics:

At EMDYN we believe data analytics drive critical decision making. We a large number of data sets from various sources and keep track of historical data to “predict” what’s coming next and what might affect your business tomorrow. EMDYN is using a set of Machine Learning technologies that allows us to analyse data at the petabyte scale

Cyber Security:

From Hi-End Network Defences, to cloud based DDoS Mitigation and cryptography. EMDYN offers a wide range of Cyber Security solutions to protect highly critical and sensitive networks. Wether you’re financial services, extraction or aerospace, we offer the best in class solutions and products to protect your most valuable assets


EMDYN provides information systems assurance and information security engineering and architecture services to promote the secure design and development of information services, technologies, communications, products, and systems to ensure the certification and accreditation requirements are met.

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