EMDYN, the specialist company offering intelligence-led solutions to a broad range of security problems, has subscribed to Maxar’s SecureWatch service, which provides access to the company’s high-resolution satellite imagery. EMDYN will integrate Maxar’s satellite imagery into its Geo Module to help clients stay ahead of the threat curve. EMDYN develops innovative technologies and strategies to overcome both cyber and physical threats. From its Belgium-based headquarters, the company is strategically placed to service its key markets in EMEA with the agility to work proactively within complex environments.

When seeking the right partner for satellite imagery, the choice was clear-cut. Maxar provides global coverage of the highest resolution satellite imagery available commercially. Maxar’s world-class constellation collects more than 3 million square kilometres of new imagery every day. EMDYN also values that Maxar makes it easy to integrate satellite imagery via SecureWatch with its own Geo Module.

EMDYN and Maxar signed an agreement to integrate Maxar imagery fully into Geo Module. Geospatial intelligence forms a key part of EMDYN Platform, along with a forthcoming, new DeepSearch tool. EMDYN Platform can be securely hosted externally or in-house and is designed to be easily integrated with clients’ own data.

Widely used by military intelligence, EMDYN Geo Module draws on a massive bank of location intelligence data to offer clients unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement that concern their organisations. EMDYN can query over a trillion records and visualise 10 million data points in the company’s application. Any area of interest can be specified, from an individual building in a city to the whole city or beyond, creating fresh insights into human activity and patterns of mobility. In this respect, EMDYN Geo Module builds on available satellite imagery and it is vital that the imagery deployed is both as up to date as possible and high quality.

Maxar satellite imagery helps EMDYN defence clients make the maximum use of its platform software. It can play a key role in a number of situations relevant to Geo Module, including:

  • Military intelligence: EMDYN’s Geo Module has a host of valuable applications for the military. Satellite imagery can help monitor activity around military bases or track the build-up of forces and military hardware around sensitive country borders. For example, changes to the number of stationed aircraft or vessels can also be examined over time.
  • Intelligence gathering: Satellites offer global, current coverage for intelligence gathering without exposing personnel on the ground.
  • Border security: Satellite imagery can help verify the build-up or change in numbers at migrant camps, at departure points and via routes of travel. Similarly, it can be applied to goods in transit. Illegal transit routes used seasonally can be identified by analysing historic travel patterns at different times of the year
  • Disaster & emergencies: Satellite imagery plays a vital role in evaluating the ground situation in the wake of a natural disaster or emergency. The ability to detect changes by comparing images before and after an event provides a rapid means of accurately assessing damage and contributing to a timely risk assessment, essential for rescue workers.

In today’s digital age, the threats faced by organisations across a globally connected world are becoming increasingly complex. This calls for bespoke rather than catch-all solutions. EMDYN assimilates data from multiple sources and integrates it, turning data into accessible knowledge, providing exceptional analytic and artificial intelligence capabilities on very large data sets. EMDYN seeks to add value too by partnering with businesses – in this case with Maxar - that mirror the technical expertise it aims to demonstrate in its own field.