Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) is a privately held security company with a focus on intelligence-led security solutions helping people getting ahead of the threat curve and deliver intelligence led solutions to help companies drive critical decision making.

We currently are active in following industries: Extraction Industry (Oil & Gas), Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Maritime, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.


Emerging Dynamics was founded in 2011 with the goal to deliver intelligence-led security solutions. Since the very beginning Emerging Dynamics was able to offer a unique set of solutions that tackle the new type of threats companies and individuals are facing today. We both cover: Physical and Cyber Threats.

Global coverage, Local approach.

Our solutions have global coverage and are not limited to one country or continent. No matter where you are or where the threat actors are you’re facing we got you covered. Our coverage is global but we deliver a local approach to our customers, no matter the time zone you’re in.

Our Offering:

Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) currently offers a wide range of Intelligence services such as: Online Monitoring – Early Warnings and Indicators, Information Protection, Anti-Phishing, Executive Protection, First Look Services for: Natural Disaster, Disease Outbreak and Country Specific Risks. We also offer a wide range of Analytical Services, Advisory, Integration and Consultancy services.

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