EMDYN Vendor Services

Entering new markets or expanding your global reach can be challenging. Issues range from languages you may not speak and the need for support across different time zones to dealing with diverse cultures and even operating infrastructure in different regions. At EMDYN we take away the headaches associated with issues such as these and help software vendors to address new markets, or support their growth.

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Support from order to secure systems operation

At EMDYN we will support you at every step of the process. We can set up order automation that directly integrates with the world’s largest IT distributors, plus offer manual or automated provisioning. In addition, we can run services and training programmes for your regional partners. Our support services are available in multiple languages too.

Crucially, we host and manage your application in our hyper-secure data centre, making sure your systems are up and running across multiple locations so you can focus on what really matters; generating sales and successfully building your brand thrive. We utilise flexible models that mean our services can easily scale up as your business grows.

Helping you understand different cultures

EMDYN recognises that cultural differences across the world mean that local knowledge of the market is necessary for businesses to flourish. At EMDYN we help you understand both the language and culture of different markets to bring you success from day one.

Keeping your systems secure and always on

We operate and manage your systems as part of our service offering. With high-end security as standard and a rock-solid uptime, we are able to guarantee a fully transparent, dedicated and isolated managed infrastructure fully in line with your business requirement.

Global coverage

We currently offer support and managed services across three geographic regions: US, Europe and APAC. Our automated provisioning services integrate with all major IT distribution companies while we currently offer 24/7 technical support in over a dozen languages.

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Developing new markets

EMDYN delivers access to new markets for software vendors, without the need for them to establish their own distribution and support networks in virgin territories. So, if you are creating a channel network, starting to work with a major distributor or setting up your solution requiring local support and services in other parts of the world, we are here to help.

EMDYN always offers a tailored approach to client needs. Additional benefits include seamless integration of current software products and the introduction of new, innovative products.