EMDYN Surveillance solutions


EMDYN surveillance solutions provide lightning speed detection on a very large scale to allow accurate identification of people, places, objects and even demographics. We can process all kinds of source material from printed documents, such as passport scans and other ID documents, through to digital images taken from social media channels, television or CCTV feeds. We empower our clients to monitor activities so they can detect and intercept threats, alert others and ultimately respond to events.

Innovation through EMDYN BioTrace

BioTrace is a key innovation from EMDYN – an ultra-fast detection and validation system that uses cutting edge facial and voice biometric technology. It has applications in surveillance, intelligence gathering and across a wide range of fields including financial compliance, fraud prevention, anti-terrorism, border and access control.

EMDYN BioTrace delivers high-end operating capability on a huge scale. It can be employed as a hybrid model, utilising both cloud and content processing on site, or run purely on the business premises, providing all data ingestion and processing via the local LAN. Equally cost effective as a solution, BioTrace is already proven to be the most accurate system on the market.

Bringing surveillance together

EMDYN provides expert analysis of intelligence data to combat issues such as fraud and drug trafficking, and gather early warnings of physical and cyber threats. Combined with the capabilities of EMDYN BioTrace, we can offer a comprehensive surveillance solution to clients. This provides a dramatic improvement in the speed and accuracy of detection processes that were previously highly labour intensive and prone to errors. It all adds up to a faster, more effective response at a lower cost with the ability to share data among multiple teams much improved.

Integrating diverse source material

Using secure web scale technologies, we can assimilate material from a wide variety of digital sources from 70+ social media networks to 2000+ TV channels and thousands of digital news sources in multiple languages, monitored 24/7. We can also draw from NGO sources within areas of natural disaster and disease control in high risk regions and integrate clients’ own data too.

Creating a cutting-edge databank

Our surveillance tools create a cutting-edge databank that helps identify threats and offers valuable insights into what lies behind them. This asset-based approach to intelligence gathering can define an area of interest from an individual facility to an entire country, while we can engage high-resolution satellite images so that hard to reach regions and facilities can be fully visualised.

Employing surveillance analytics

Surveillance data needs to be expertly analysed in context to uncover previously undetected patterns and so identify potential risks. We examine dark web content to identify illicit sales such as ID cards, visas, licenses, drugs, chemicals and explosives. We can also map file distribution enabling organisations to track geo-locations and ultimately identify users who have downloaded inflammatory material.

Cyber & Intelligence

Our cyber security and threat intelligence services give your organisation actionable information to prevent or mitigate risks. Whether it is by closely monitoring the dark web and open sources, high-end encryption of network and other data, or digital forensics, EMDYN has your back.


Our surveillance offering ranges across both the digital and physical domains. From video analytics and biometrics to global television and radio monitoring and all source surveillance platforms, EMDYN provides a fully integrated solution to monitoring risks and detecting threats.

Integrated Services

Integration is the key to creating a comprehensive security platform. EMDYN offers integrated services including video walls, command and control room furniture and integration of all source data into a single data, large scale analytics platform.

Managed Services

EMDYN offers a wide range of managed services, creating a fully secure environment for data processing and storage. Unlike an in-house data centre which may be more vulnerable to attacks if using cloud storage, EMDYN provides a private, secure environment.

Vendor Services

Our vendor services gives software vendors access to new territories and markets. We serve as a platform to deliver managed services, and provide support and sales into major IT distribution companies.