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The complex and fast-evolving cyber environment is a playground for online criminals to extract money, information or to disrupt operations. Such illicit activities are a clear and present danger to all kinds of businesses and organisations. Yet today IT infrastructure and software is mostly supplied by resellers without a security background. Organisations can rely on their IT provider for cyber security while such partners frequently have no working knowledge or experience of it.

So, when a cyber-attack occurs, damage limitation is often the only response offered to its serious consequences. Mismanaged yet overpriced services together with an inadequate IT infrastructure are common symptoms in organisations where there is an absence of specialist cyber security knowledge. Similarly, organisations may have no overview of events happening within their IT infrastructure and so are unable to detect cyber threats until too late.

It’s time to employ a specialist in the field of cyber security – EMDYN.

How do you know that your current IT environment is optimised to counter a cyber-attack?

Most organisations are tempted to stick with their IT partner who actually may not specialise in cyber security. Yet an independent cyber security assessment by a friendly, experienced voice is a much more rational choice.

EMDYN can identify security and architectural weaknesses, map out the current infrastructure and review all the documentation. With this assessment, you receive an overview on just how cyber-secure your business is and how to tackle any weaknesses through intervention and effective management.

Services customised to your needs

While a business depends on reliability and security, it also needs flexibility so we ensure our managed cyber security services are carefully matched to your needs. Rather than offering standard packages that may not fit your exact business requirements, our managed cyber security services are completely designed around your needs with a platform that offers you an executive overview of what is happening in your IT environment.

Our hyper secure infrastructure can fulfil the most demanding computing, storage and network requirements imaginable. Assured security and high performance make EMDYN managed cyber security services an informed choice for all kinds of businesses in an increasingly complex environment.

Secure by design

We can offer a custom solution for midsize enterprises as we control every stage in the cyber security process. EMDYN operates its own autonomous system to get network visibility up to the highest level. Multiple layered network security ensures visibility and protection of every byte in and out. We can offer dedicated Layer 2 encrypted capacity to virtually anywhere in the world or Layer 3 encrypted lines direct to your sites with minimal latency.

Flexible by design

Our infrastructure can be segmented by security level and requirements. · Multiple geographic locations · 24/7 uptime and security monitoring · Highly performant · Flexible and customisable · Private and dedicated

Managed disaster recovery

Employing EMDYN’s managed cyber security services means that your operations are covered even if a catastrophe strikes, whether through a cyber-attack or a natural disaster. We can offload your most critical applications and services to one of our data centres and keep your business operational. We can provide disaster recovery services across all continents and all time-zones.


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