EMDYN Platform


EMDYN Platform is a high performance and extremely flexible technological security framework. It delivers advanced intelligence-driven analytic capabilities and detection on a very large scale. Built from the ground up to support the security and intelligence community, EMDYN Platform helps find that elusive ‘needle in a haystack’ piece of information by allowing you to perform high grade analytics on extremely large data sets.

EMDYN Platform offers unprecedented data visualisation and data interaction capabilities, delivering situational awareness, triage and deep analysis competences. EMDYN Platform is open and flexible to suit your particular security needs, built as a series of modules that allow the data to be used in different ways. Its modular design means that there is a tool to solve individual data problems along with an integrated tool set to provide platform-wide functionality. It can equally be integrated with exclusive subscription data, such as Threat Intelligence feeds, and with your own data.

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Sharpen up decision making

EMDYN Platform makes data work for you to help sharpen up your decision making.  Our Platform draws together layers of data from a multitude of sources and provides a comprehensive analysis tool.

It delivers a set of capabilities to help you make better informed decisions using a series of modules. EMDYN Geo offers fresh, high grade geospatial location data while our new Deep Search tool provides powerful exploration and visualisation.

BioTrace, our bespoke biometric facial and object recognition system, is targeted to address physical security issues and features full Sitrep resources with detailed insights.

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The flexible solution

EMDYN Platform is a genuinely flexible software solution. It can be securely hosted externally or in-house to the user’s preference. An important feature is that it is specifically designed to be easily integrated with clients’ own data.

EMDYN Platform is a modern, future-proof solution that is especially relevant to those working in intelligence and security services who require the most up to date information to plan current operations and predict future possibilities.

EMDYN Platform processes

All the modules that make up EMDYN Platform are focused on aspects of threat intelligence. They are supported by an integrated toolkit comprising a comprehensive case management system, detailed record management that allows you to map associations between personnel and hardware and an executive summary dashboard.

The process we employ takes three steps: firstly, to identify the key data relevant to the situation from as wide a range of sources as possible, then to analyse it in depth forensically and finally to determine a course of action.


Geospatial intelligence is integral to EMDYN Platform. Our Geo Module draws on a massive bank of location intelligence data and the latest high resolution satellite imagery to provide unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement.

EMDYN Deep Search

EMDYN’s new Deep Search application provides powerful, authoritative search and link analysis on open source intelligence plus closed and dark web sources. It creates deep dive analyses and allows data visualisation for greater potency.

EMDYN BioTrace

Our BioTrace module completes the security picture by tackling the physical aspects of security gathering. It uses powerful biometric technology to deliver context with intelligence feeds to anticipate and protect against security threats.


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