dSecure: The next generation of data protection

Automatic - User friendly - really secure

dSecure is the ultimate solution for automatically protecting your business documents and email communications. It is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office product suite for ease of use. dSecure encrypts everything at the point of creation and for the lifetime of the data - protecting your data as you create it, in transit (being sent) and at rest (while it is stored). You can transport your data with confidence whether it is via email or on your laptop or mobile device. Files stolen or copied cannot be opened on an unauthorised machine.

dSecure and GDPR

While the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted across Europe in May 2018 does not require organisations to encrypt personal data, the law encourages encryption as an effective way to maintain the security and confidentiality of sensitive personal data. dSecure demonstrates that your organisation has controls in place to prevent disclosure of such information. As the data is encrypted, and thus unreadable, there is no disclosure in the case of a breach, which mitigates any non-compliance in respect of protecting personal information from being disclosed.

For businesses, non-compliance with GDPR carries hefty fines of up to €20 million or up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year. GDPR also requires businesses to report data breaches. As dSecure prevents the data from being disclosed in the event of a breach, there is no risk of penalties under GDPR arising from non-protection.

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dSecure: your data kept to you
  • dSecure is virtually invisible to the user. So, security is seamless and users can just focus on their tasks.
  • dSecure protects your information at the point of creation, while it is stored and when it is shared.
  • dSecure mitigates the threat of disclosure in the event of a breach.
  • dSecure is simple to install – it is operational in a minute or two with minimal user training.
  • dSecure is easy to use. Documents and emails are secured automatically without the need for passwords or encryption keys.
  • dSecure is ideal for any size of organisation, from small/medium businesses to larger enterprises.
  • dSecure provides the latest military-grade encryption with no back doors!
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Protection for everything digital

dSecure:Office is the ultimate solution for protecting your business documents and e-mail communications. It is intuitive by design. Simply use Microsoft Office as you normally would and then click ‘secure’ when asked. That’s all – there are no complicated keys or passwords. When you receive a document/e-mail that you are authorised to see, then just double click it to read. Receive something you are not permitted to see, then you won’t be able to read it.

Don’t worry if you accidently send an e-mail or document to the wrong person; they simply will not be able to read it! Your information is protected while it is sitting on your computer or making its way through the wild of the internet. If it is intercepted or you are hacked, none of your information is disclosed – it is always protected.

With dSecure:Office the hassle and stress of dealing with encrypted communication is eliminated.

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dSecure mobile

More and more information today is stored on mobile equipment. dSecure has a key role to play in protecting data transported on all mobile devices including smartphones, USBs and laptops. It protects personal information, business data and intellectual property precisely where the data is kept. It remains encrypted however stored or conveyed. Personal information cannot be carried or transmitted out of the EU without protection – dSecure is the easiest, simplest and most effective way to ensure the data is always protected.


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