Network encryption


EMDYN provides network security solutions tailored to the individual needs of businesses or organisations. The network encryptors we employ protect such bodies against espionage and the movement of data conveyed via ethernet over landline, radio relay and satellite links. Additionally, we supply comprehensive leading-edge security infrastructure as a fully automatic turnkey solution. Safety and reliability are key concerns of any network solution while it is equally important for a system to be robust and resilient.

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EMDYN’s network security solutions deliver safe and reliable site-to-site connections via Layer 2 and Layer 3. We have the flexibility to match the critical infrastructure requirements of any size of business across all industrial sectors and organisations across any jurisdiction. Our solutions are fully bespoke, with networks optimised to process high data volumes with minimal delay.

Clearly the primary purpose of network encryption is to safeguard the confidentiality of digital data stored and transmitted through the network so that bona fide users gain ready access to the data and those unauthorised are excluded. Our solutions can meet even the most complex of cyberattacks by utilising state-of-the-art technologies including Deep Packet Inspection and platforms for comprehensive traffic analytics.

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  • Our solutions are approved for classified communication levels
  • We facilitate central configuration of security policies
  • Full visibility is maintained even in encrypted IP traffic
  • We offer full technical support team backing
  • We provide traffic monitoring, reporting and trend analysis
  • Clients retain ownership of their data
  • Encryption helps clients maintain legislative compliance (e.g. GDPR)

Cyber & Intelligence

Our cyber security and threat intelligence services give your organisation actionable information to prevent or mitigate risks. Whether it is by closely monitoring the dark web and open sources, high-end encryption of network and other data, or digital forensics, EMDYN has your back.


Our surveillance offering ranges across both the digital and physical domains. From video analytics and biometrics to global television and radio monitoring and all source surveillance platforms, EMDYN provides a fully integrated solution to monitoring risks and detecting threats.

Integrated Services

Integration is the key to creating a comprehensive security platform. EMDYN offers integrated services including video walls, command and control room furniture and integration of all source data into a single data, large scale analytics platform.

Managed Services

EMDYN offers a wide range of managed services, creating a fully secure environment for data processing and storage. Unlike an in-house data centre which may be more vulnerable to attacks if using cloud storage, EMDYN provides a private, secure environment.

Vendor Services

Our vendor services gives software vendors access to new territories and markets. We serve as a platform to deliver managed services, and provide support and sales into major IT distribution companies.