At Emerging Dynamics, we’ve teamed up with Airbus DS to offer a vast array of VSAT solutions. The Terralink satellite connectivity service portfolio enables Airbus Defense and Space to offer a significant boost in flexibility and link efficiency – and with our backing, it’s the perfect VSAT solution for a multitude of applications. The ideal choice for organizations with low to very high bandwidth per link requirements, the Terralink system ensures that no matter how big or small your organization is, you’ll always receive the most reliable and efficient connectivity – guaranteed.
Terralink is the perfect solution for organisations with low to very high bandwidth per link requirements.
The inherent flexibility and scalability of Terralink ensures that no matter how big or small your organisation is, or how your needs for VSAT networks change, you can always be sure you will receive the most reliable and efficient connectivity.

The Terralink Companion is the ideal complement to mobile satellite solutions, providing broadband connectivity service with a transportable pick and go VSAT system that can be used for short-notice missions and projects in remote locations (emergency response, business continuity…).

Terralink KA is a new generation service, using reliable, high throughput links on the advanced KA-SAT satellite. At 9° East, KA-SAT is optimised for enterprise applications, so provides a vital link for professionals working throughout Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and in some Gulf regions.

Terralink Newsgives enterprises and media professionals a highly flexible, reliable and user-friendly solution for data connectivity and dedicated live streaming. It helps you to shoot and deliver your story quickly and without complication.

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