Many risk mapping services begin and end with flood assessments. At EMDYN, we can map everything from areas with high levels of criminal activity to concentrated cyber-attacks, sending you alerts to keep you informed at all times.

Our Risk Mapping service maps areas known for terrorism, disease outbreaks, criminal or illegal activity, and provides information on religious or cultural factors which can have an impact on the site. We can use geo fencing to trigger an alert and ensure you’re notified if there are any changes to the tracked site.

For example, if you have critical infrastructure in a certain location – a nuclear power plant, for instance – we can use open source findings to track social media mentions about the plant which are negative. Many social media platforms enable geotagged posts, so if a negative social media post is sent within a certain radius of the plant, we can send an alert to our client.

In other instances, we can notify clients if a disease outbreak is at risk of affecting the area. Monitoring open source information as well as social media and news outlets, we can link concentration geographically and send an alert before people are put at risk.

Advanced technology, multinational support and in-depth reports for all clients – that’s the EMDYN way.

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