Cyber Intelligence: Response Services

Response Services:

Response Services are closely integrated with our Detection and Analysis services. In addition to foreseeing, finding, and assessing threats,
we can help stop them and reduce their impact to your organization. We can remove and respond to harmful content, websites, social media profiles and other online issues, whenever and wherever we find them. We support 200 foreign languages, enabling us to serve multinational organizations efficiently and swiftly.

Rogue Mobile Applications

Rogue mobile applications impersonate legitimate organizations, confuse consumers, and spread malware, damaging your brand reputation and defrauding customers. We monitor hundreds of mobile marketplaces and can remove applications that impersonate your legitimate apps or otherwise mislead or harm your customers.

Social Media Impersonation

Significant harm can come to your brand reputation or highly visible executives and board members when activists, criminals, or anyone with a grudge or agenda impersonates them online, particularly in social media environments. Threats against your employees, harassment by proxy, and other instances of abuse and misuse of social media can all be mitigated by the timely takedown of offending accounts.

Regulatory Response

Sometimes performing your due diligence is just a matter of contacting the owner of infringing or offensive material. We will perform this one time contact for you, using a customizable template.


Criminals are constantly modifying and updating malware to outpace antivirus software. We help reduce the rate of infection by detecting and shutting down websites spreading malware.

Identity Theft

Any point of communication can be used to social engineer an individual with the intent to steal private information and compromise their identity. We can facilitate the shutdown of phishing websites, email addresses, phone numbers, and domain names.

Copyright & Trademark Violations

Inappropriate use of logos and branding, claiming relationships where none exist, and illegal distribution of published works are all examples of brand violations that require a response. We work with you to understand your enforcement policies and criteria and then send out letters on your behalf or have the material removed.

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