Cyber Intelligence: Physical Threat Monitoring

Get Advance Warning of Threats Against Your Employees and Facilities

Demonstrations, boycotts, threats against your executives, employees, and facilities… There’s a big price to pay in terms of compromised reputation and threats to your organisation.

Today’s threats are often coordinated online. Physical Security uses a proven intelligence-led approach to collecting information from the internet and social media to deliver early warnings of threats to the enterprise. Physical Security provides the people, process and technology to deliver the most advanced and reliable intelligence on the following:

Organised demonstrations

  • Planned boycotts against products and services
  • Threats against employees, corporate officers, facilities and resources
  • Planned activities to interrupt business operations and events
  • Solicitations to conspire against the organisation

Rapid and Relevant Intelligence

Delivering rich, insightful intelligence reports – not just data, links or search results.

Cyber Intelligence Experts Understand Threats Specific to Your BusinessYour reports are prepared by vertically-focused analysts with backgrounds in intelligence, law enforcement, security and deep experience in your industry.

Addresses Threats Across the Globe

Global Intelligence Analysts provide cultural interpretation, regional expertise and translation services to help you understand threats coming from foreign countries.

Real-time Alerts of Security Issues

The moment a high priority issue is identified, you are alerted, giving you time to successfully, proactively mitigate risk.

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