Cyber Intelligence:

While your existing security may address data loss and other types of cyber threats to the enterprise within the perimeter, how do you detect cyber threats that exist outside the perimeter? Information Security and Fraud provides the people, process and technology to detect and provide early warning of threats coming from the Internet and social media. Information detects internal data loss and Identifies External Threat Actors.

Geospatial Intelligence:

Location data is everywhere. EMDYN is using high resolution satellite images to map various data sources which helps us to deliver a Multi-Intelligence led approach to Geospatial Intelligence. Visualise Disease Outbreaks, Natural Disaster, Religion, Concentration of Criminal Activity, Terrorism threats, Hackers… Learn more about on ground conditions before actually going there and uncover the many “unknowns”. Our Geospatial Intelligence services and solutions can also help you track assets or visualise complex security environments and assist in allocating the right resources quickly.

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