Risk Mapping:

Our celebrated Risk Mapping services help to map areas at risk of terrorism, high levels of criminal activity, concentration of cyber-attacks, disease outbreaks and more. If you have critical infrastructure, we can send you an alert when negative social media mentions are recorded within the vicinity. We can also send you alerts when disease outbreaks come within a specified radius, linking concentration geographically and notifying you when people are at risk, so you can take the necessary precautions.

Discovery Missions:

If your company needs to conduct a risk assessment of a new region, carry out an investigation based on satellite images, or survey the competition in a certain area, we can send in a Discovery Mission. Our experts can establish everything from geographical risks or anomalies in a specified area, to what volume of goods a competitor is producing. We can even identify illegal or criminal activity. Our Mission Planning service can also be utilized, sending in satellites to specific locations to carry out recon work.

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