The Financial Services industry faces a multitude of threats. Terrorism, conflict and natural disasters are all major concerns for those working in the sector – and then there’s the ongoing, ever-evolving threat of cybercriminals, whose weapons have become powerful enough to cause mayhem across the entire industry.

The financial environment as it stands is a fertile, ripe environment that attracts cybercriminals like bees to honey. This means that, over the past ten years, we’ve had to adapt, devising a new approach to risk management that doesn’t just encompass political threat or natural disasters. We have developed numerous complex strategies to fight the diverse range of cyber-attacks that the Financial Services sector is prone to.

The Financial Services sector handles endless volumes of sensitive data and information – and that’s something we know all about. We use intelligence-led security solutions to ensure that not only are businesses in the sector protected from the threat of terrorism or conflict, but also from the constant risk that they’ll be hacked or targeted by high-end cyber criminals.

At Emerging Dynamics, we can analyze data at the petabyte scale, providing insights and trends in the form of reports, which will form the foundations of a business’ security procedures and plans. We’ve got the skills, the technology and the ability to provide bespoke security solutions that will combat the threat of cyber-attack, and any other kind of threat that may head your way.

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