The extraction industry is loaded with risk and threats – heightened concerns over the security of resources, as well as environmental damage and climate change, have brought intense scrutiny to the sector in recent years, and tensions are high across the industry.

At Emerging Dynamics, our intelligence-led security solutions can help mitigate that high level of risk. In providing realistic solutions, plans and assessments for the extraction industry, we ensure the security of products, premises and all those involved, tailoring our services to meet every business’ unique needs and demands. Whether it’s risk threat assessments or physical security measures, or expert team of trained specialists have got it covered.

Our solutions use the kind of intelligence which facilitates business decisions to analyse threats to a business – whether they’re international or local, strategic or tactical. Our clients are given in-depth reports to ensure they are making informed decisions that will protect their business interests.

We can develop customized security plans and strategies that will help protect your corporate assets, and we can conduct site-specific assessments that identify any vulnerabilities. Then our team can make recommendations to boost the security of a premises, with realistic preventative and pro-active measures.

Our flexible protective services help to mitigate risk when it interferes with business or the safety of individuals. When it comes to providing stellar security solutions for the extraction industry, our experience and the technology we use ensures assets, executives, products and persons are completely protected.

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