Cyber Intelligence: Executive Monitoring

Executive Monitoring

In the age of social media, high-profile individuals face a range of risks and threats that were uncommon even a few years ago. Online adversaries and activists are increasingly seeking to threaten, harass and embarrass high-profile executives and other public figures. From the posting of personal information on public sites through “doxxing” or organized efforts to overwhelm Twitter accounts with large amounts of messages, aka “Twitterbombs,” criminals and hacktivists are finding new and creative ways to go after their targets. Anyone with a grudge or disagreement now has a free global platform from which to launch their activities.

The Executive Security Suite helps security professionals detect and assess online threats to their executives and high-profile employees. Our real-time Threat Alerts and Intelligence provide advance indications and warnings to your team, and can be integrated directly into your Operations Center and security tools to deliver online threat intelligence from a wide range of global online sources. In-depth Assessments, Family Monitoring , Investigations, and Response Services round out a complete suite of offerings.

Focused in three distinct areas, our solutions monitor for several different types of threats, including:

Physical Threats

Online postings that threaten individuals or incite others to take violent or harmful action directly against them.

Information Threats

Information Threats From malicious posting of personal information to inadvertent disclosures by the individual or their family, the web and social media can spread sensitive data rapidly.

Adversaries and Bad Actors

We track more than 500 known hacker, extremist, and threat groups online. Any mention of the protected individual by these actors is automatically a concern.

24×7 Detection and Monitoring

Threat Alerts warn of physical and information threats being made on major social networking sites, and keep watch on hundreds of bad actors and known adversaries. Security Analysts assess every potential threat detected and deliver only the truly relevant findings in near real-time.
Expert Analysis
Daily Intelligence Briefings enhance the Threat Alerts with a focus on context and supplemental information specific to the threat, post or specific actor. The analysts are available to provide in-depth source coverage and to deliver briefings that bring an additional level of industry knowledge and insight to the 24×7 monitoring service.
Threat Assessments
Our experienced analysts produce our Executive Threat Assessments. These “deep dive” reports examine both the protected individual’s online exposure and any current or recent online activity from, or indicating an active adversary such as a hacking or activist group. Each report includes a summary of findings, source material, expert observations and recommended risk mitigation strategies.
Family Monitoring
Often, disclosures by family members escape the watch of even the most diligent security representatives. We can look for geo-tagged social media posts, phone numbers and email addresses for the executive’s immediate family. These type of disclosures allow threat actors to directly target the executive’s most prized assets, family members. EMDYN will monitor and detect disclosures pertaining to the executive’s family as part of the upgraded daily report. These services are included in the Daily Intelligence Briefing option.
Investigative Services
A cadre of specialized analysts produces threat assessments for executive travel, adversary-group profiles, content analysis, social network mapping and a variety of ad hoc research based on your business needs. Options also include expedited results and urgent or sensitive investigations available any time, day or night.
Response Services
The Response Operations Center assists clients with content removal and account shutdown and recovery. This can include disabling impersonation or “spoof” accounts, posts that contain sensitive information such as personal identity data, or disparaging content that violates a website or social network’s terms of use. Click here to learn more about our response services

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