EMDYN BioTrace is a high-performance detection and validation system employing cutting edge facial biometric technology. It delivers high-end operating capability on a very large scale at extremely high speeds. Equally cost effective as a solution, EMDYN BioTrace is already proven to be the most accurate system on the market. EMDYN BioTrace forms part of the EMDYN Vigilance product portfolio, integrating fully with it or working as a stand-alone application. It can process all kinds of source material from printed documents, such as passport scans and other identification documents, through to digital images taken from social media channels, television or CCTV feeds.

The Challenge

Today an increasingly large number of pictures and video files are being viewed, stored and archived. To view and catalogue such data manually is incredibly labour and time intensive while humans physically cannot review this material and retain even a fraction of the content. Too often low-quality media sources from uncontrolled environments with noncooperative subjects are all that are available, while the amount of data being stored is ever growing.

Introducing Biotrace

EMDYN BioTrace offers a fast, cost effective and scalable solution to these issues, providing a proven method of automatically searching and indexing large image and video repositories. It is a system that employs high performance algorithms that can deal with less than perfect source data and is applicable across a range of fields from financial compliance to fraud prevention, antiterrorism, border or access control through to surveillance and intelligence gathering. EMDYN BioTrace is built from the ground up, offering performance, speed and accuracy and providing a platform for future operations. Our solution delivers a capability not possible by human scale detection. EMDYN BioTrace can search at a rate of approx. 800m faces per second so finding a face in a one billion dataset can be done in seconds, rather than hours and days. This high-speed search capability can help to identify persons of interest, unmask identity fraud or even track individuals in CCTV feeds or via Social Media channels. EMDYN BioTrace also lets users set alerts when specific individuals are detected, such as known fraudsters, criminals or terrorists. The applications are widespread and include:

    • FRAUD DETECTION: Discover if the same person is using multiple identities or if a bank account is being used by an unauthorised person (e.g. making ATM withdrawals).
    • BORDER CONTROL: Prevent access when people try to enter a country illegally, or validate status when the passport used is a correct match for the individual.
    • ACCESS CONTROL: Check if unauthorised personnel try to enter your premises and grant access where permitted.
    • SURVEILLANCE: Identify, locate or track persons of interest and their associates across all media. Connecting EMDYN Video Analytics allows you to identify and locate suspicious behaviour and/or objects.

The Sources:

EMDYN BioTrace can process a wide variety of sources from traditional file-based ones such as passport scans and identity cards to electronic ID cards, images from the web and social media content. In tandem with this, EMDYN BioTrace can also process near real-time CCTV feeds and video files. Using this wealth of source material, EMDYN BioTrace can automatically find, extract and index faces, create and manage alerts of persons of interest plus cross-reference their appearances across all media and discover links with their associates. EMDYN BioTrace can extract faces by creating thumbnail images from:

    • CCTV feeds or ATMs equipped with cameras.
    • Video content such as YouTube and similar video formats.
    • Passport scans or identity cards stored on your network. It can also streamline data formats such as PDF and/or layered TIF(F) documents and wrongly rotated images
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