Secure Data

Communication networks and the critical data that flows across them are prime targets for cyber-attack. From financial transactions to critical websites; organisations are increasingly vulnerable to threats which attempt to interrupt commercial activity or cause damage to brand and reputation. Across the globe and particularly in the EU, tougher sanctions are in place to protect data in transit while both employment law and personal privacy makes securing email and IM a challenge for organisations. Emerging Dynamics represents Global Intergity’s dSecure® for the EMEA regio to deliver a comprehensive suite of secure communication products and services.


dSecure® Office Collaboration

dSecure:Office is the ultimate solution for protecting your business documents and e-mail communications and is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office product suite. Effortlessly send and receive documents securely using Outlook, send and receive encrypted messages with optional “Stealth” technology. There’s a reason encrypted e-mail does not work; it’s just too difficult for mere mortals to use effectively. With dSecure, the hassle and headache of dealing with encrypted communications is all managed for you. dSecure also tracks and monitors messages and document activity.

dSecure Office capabilities:

  • Encrypts Email and Attachments at creation
  • Encrypts Office Documents at creation (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Can be used to encrypt other kinds of file (pdf, jpg, png, mp3, avi, etc.)
  • All Emails and Documents are kept encrypted – if someone gains access to the system (hacks) all they take is encrypted files which cannot be decrypted on an unauthorised machine
  • The physical device is part of the encryption scheme – without an authorized device, the data cannot be decrypted.

Allows the Enterprise to set Profiles on Enterprise Level

  • Allow/Disallow use offline
  • Allow/Disallow Forwarding
  • Allow/Disallow Print / Secure Print
  • Set How Long before it self-destructs
  • Set How Long for an Embargo (i.e. set when it will be sent)
  • Allow/Disallow Cut/Paste

Ultimate Protection:

  • Every time a secure e-mail or document is opened and saved or closed, it is re-encrypted with a new calculated key thus changing the encryption of the e-mail or document
  • dSecure calculates a key based on an algorithm
  • The KEY is NEVER exchanged
  • The KEY is calculated differently every time in real time
  • Only properly authorized users have the ability to calculate the same key
  • The KEY is tied to a specific device + specific user account
  • No KEYs to store, no possibility of stolen or lost KEY

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Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

dSecure® Mobile
Every business is mobile now. Everyone has a mobile device or two or three. And your business information is moving though the wireless world. dSecure:Mobile – Our Mobile applications provide ultra-secure technology to ensure your voice, text messages conversations, your attachments (photos, videos, etc.), chats and email are securely exchanged using encryption technologies.

Unlike other “secure” mobile apps, dSecure:Mobile is fully compatible with our dSecure:Office for your desktops, so you have a seamless transition from office to mobile and back. Without compromising design and functionality, we developed a mobile application that offers built-in security and encryption features that are transparent, providing an all-in-one solution that is easy-to-use.

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