When you need to carry out extensive reconnaissance of an area, you need our Discovery Mission services. Using satellites, the latest technology and an expert intelligence team, we can conduct risk assessments, competitor research and other analysis on any site in the world.

If you need to carry out a risk assessment of a site, perhaps to build your own new premises, our Discovery Mission team uses satellite images to perform a full survey of an area. We’ll decipher whether it’s fit for purpose, and deliver the results to you promptly.

Many clients utilize our Discovery Mission service to carry out research on their competitors in a region. How big are the plants and factories of your competitors? What is the capacity of the premises? What volume of products are they turning out on a monthly basis?

We can also use our intelligence services to detect illegal or criminal activity at any site. We send in our satellites to recover evidence of wrongdoing and deliver the final report to our clients quickly and accurately.

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