Information Protection:

While your existing security may address data loss and other types of cyber threats to the enterprise within the perimeter, how do you detect cyber threats that exist outside the perimeter? Information Security and Fraud provides the people, process and technology to detect and provide early warning of threats coming from the Internet and social media. Information detects internal data loss and Identifies External Threat Actors.

Response Services:

Response Services are closely integrated with our Detection and Analysis services. In addition to foreseeing, finding, and assessing threats,we can help stop them and reduce their impact to your organization. We can remove and respond to harmful content, websites, social media profiles and other online issues, whenever and wherever we find them. We support 200 foreign languages, enabling us to serve multinational organizations efficiently and swiftly.

Anti Phishing

Anti-Phishing helps you quickly identify, shut down and recover from phishing, pharming and malware attacks that mislead customers through fraudulent use of your corporate identity. Through our data partner EMDYN delivers the best overall 24×7 monitoring coverage of junk (spam) email and up to 30% better detection and 7 hours earlier, over competition, even in « difficult » countries.

Distribution Control

Distribution Control allows you to protect your brand and company from the potential legal liability and brand reputation damage by monitoring: E-commerce sites selling unauthorised goods,auction sites, one of the most popular methods for distributing unauthorised goods online, junk (spam) email messages promoting online product sales, many of which contain links to disconnected web sites selling unauthorised items.

Physical Threat Monitoring

Demonstrations, boycotts, threats against your executives, employees, and facilities… There’s a big price to pay in terms of compromised reputation and threats to your organisation. Physical Security provides the people, process and technology to deliver the most advanced and reliable intelligence on the following: Organised demonstrations, planned boycotts against products and services, Planned activities to interrupt business operations and events, Solicitations to conspire against the organisation.

Executive Threat Detection

In the age of social media, high-profile individuals face a range of risks and threats that were uncommon even a few years ago. Online adversaries and activists are increasingly seeking to threaten, harass and embarrass high-profile executives and other public figures. From the posting of personal information on public sites through “doxxing” or organized efforts to overwhelm Twitter accounts with large amounts of messages, aka “Twitterbombs,” criminals and hacktivists are finding new and creative ways to go after their targets. Anyone with a grudge or disagreement now has a free global platform from which to launch their activities.

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