The role of EMDYN

Every organisation is a potential target for cybercrime. Some take this more seriously than others but in any event, the challenge must be to stay at least one step ahead. Should an attack occur, one must be ready to take action immediately. EMDYN has the knowledge and resources to move organisations from a reactive to a pre-emptive stance.

Tim Van Renterghem, EMDYN CEO, is a visionary when it comes to cyber and intelligence. He started the company more than a decade ago and it is now a leader in this field, specialising in protecting assets, both physical and virtual, from all kinds of threat actors, tools and TTPs arising from the digital domain.

EMDYN has worked towards ensuring all its clients, from medium to large enterprises to government departments and institutions, are fully cyber aware.

The Challenge

To ensure communications remain sealed and environments are secure, such organisations need a proactive and watchful IT supplier. Rather than a product reseller, personalised advice and tailormade security service are required. Cyber security is expected to be part of the DNA of the partner and not just an add-on feature. Over the years, EMDYN has built up expertise in this field as well as an excellent reputation and offers a custom managed cyber security service to its customers.

EMDYN's customers demand absolute transparency both in terms of the company and the services provided. EMDYN can offer this up to layer 2 within the OSI model because everything is in their own hands. To meet these demanding requirements, EMDYN has chosen Juniper as its technology partner. The flexibility of the JunOS operating system - which extends from the MX routers to the SRX firewalls and EX switches - provides the full transparency required. Bandwidth guarantee is another clear customer requirement. Juniper hardware is extremely efficient and lives up to the bandwidth promises. While most of the time devices are at rest, when the demand is there, they make all the difference.

Datacentre as a partner

EMDYN's infrastructure is located in Equinix data centers (Nasdaq: EQIX) in the heart of the Netherlands. Thanks to this partnership, EMDYN is able to connect multiple data centers with a very fast, private and secure backbone with minimal latency. EMDYN cooperates with a number of international telecom partners from where they receive multiple full BGP IPv4 and IPv6 peers.


The plan is to expand geographically, to extend presence outside Europe. Juniper is completely ready for 5G, is very scalable and stable and as a result can cope with the dynamic growth EMDYN is facing. To enhance security, a two-level security border was designed. While it is not recommended to implement both layers with the same brand, the SRX firewalls are at the first level of defense and cash in the attacks.

Why Kappa Data

To strengthen its available choices, EMDYN selected Kappa Data as its distribution partner, because of its comprehensive expertise combined with the personal touch. As near neighbors, the two companies are close geographically as well as in spirit. Kappa Data has a stable and workable structure that ensures communications are always direct and do not get lost in translation. In projects, Kappa works as a team and inputs much energy and guidance at all levels to ensure successful outcomes.

As a deputy CEO from a leading European company said:

“We are a fast-growing company specialised in the development of a patented new generation of nanoparticles for sensitive applications. We number several teams including management, finance, administrative and scientist personnel. All of us need to rely on our IT system in terms of performance, reliability, capacity and security.

The former IT solution we had rapidly became obsolete in terms of performance and security. Since we had heard about EMDYN from external contacts involved in cybersecurity, we decided to ask EMDYN to think about a new IT architecture that would cover all our needs, keeping in mind we had a limited budget for it. After working with us to identify our real needs, EMDYN designed a specific solution, totally tailormade for us, minimising the risk of potential internal/external threats thanks to a new IT organisation, including new equipment and the education of our people.

Thanks to EMDYN’s initial work and its continual follow up and support at a reasonable cost, our way of working moved to a new dimension, making our employees happier to work with the new IT solution, and the management and shareholders more comfortable in terms of data security and protection against cyberattacks and other threats.”

About Juniper Networks/Mist Systems – Wireless IoT solutions

Juniper Networks is a leading company in networking. It believes that creating simplicity through engineering is the highest form of innovation. It provides the kind of innovative thinking, performance, automation, and commitment that enable the world’s best networks.

In 2019 Mist Systems was taken over by Juniper Networks. This acquisition strengthened Juniper's enterprise networking portfolio by combining Mist’s next-generation WLAN platform with Juniper's LAN, SD-WAN and security solutions.

Mist has built the first AI-based Wireless LAN, making Wi-Fi predictable, reliable and measurable, in combination with scalable location determination services such as indoor navigation, proximity messaging and asset visibility.