Cyber defence experts Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) announced today that dSecure, the next-generation information protection tool from Global Integrity, Inc. is now available as a hosted service powered by EMDYN.

With GDPR now a real concern for organisations of all sizes, dSecure is the ultimate solution for automatically protecting your intellectual property, business documents, personal data and email communications.

Every business – small or large – has confidential information to protect.

By providing military grade encryption, dSecure makes your data invisible to unauthorised users - eliminating the threat of disclosure in the event of a breach. This protects not only your personal data and email communications - but your entire catalogue of confidential business content and intellectual property (IP) that you might not previously have considered to be at risk.

dSecure is fully-integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, meaning any data contained in Word documents, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, or any other Office-created files are automatically protected. It also supports protection of other file types outside the MS Office suite, including PDFs, audio and video files.

Easy to install and use, there is no need for passwords or training. Unlike other point solutions, dSecure is unique in encrypting all of your data at the point of creation, for the lifetime of the data, meaning it is always protected. It is the only solution that easily protects data kept on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet - regardless of whether that data is in transit or at rest.

With dSecure, users are not obliged to upload their data to a central server in the cloud. Instead, they have complete control of their information at all times wherever it is located - whether in storage, transit, or processing. This completely removes the risk of a third-party being able to access your data. And there are no backdoors.

Previously only accessible to specialist public sector organisations, EMDYN has appointed leading technology distributor Ingram Micro to make dSecure available throughout its extensive reseller network, so it can now be used by companies of any size operating in any industry throughout the entire EMEA region.

Ensure GDPR compliance

The EU-wide General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) deadline has caused businesses of all sizes to evaluate the way they manage and secure personal data. With fines of up to €20 million or up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover for non-compliance, staying the right side of the rules is essential.

While not mandatory under the legislation, GDPR encourages encryption as an effective way to help ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data. If your data is encrypted - and thus unreadable - there is no disclosure in the case of a breach, an effective control to mitigate any non-compliance with personal data disclosure regulations.

But GDPR is not just about personal data. dSecure helps protect all your intellectual property and confidential information from potential breaches. It runs invisibly and securely in the background of your organisation, keeping your data safe and keeping you compliant with the regulations.

"dSecure is the easiest and most secure way to protect your business documents and e-mails,” said Tim Van Renterghem, Founder and CEO of EMDYN. “By using dSecure, organisations can keep their data safe, prevent data breaches and stay GDPR-compliant without any headaches."

dSecure is offered by Global Integrity, Inc., and is hosted by EMDYN (Emerging Dynamics).