About our Anti Phishing Services

Anti-Phishing helps you quickly identify, shut down and recover from phishing, pharming and malware attacks that mislead customers through fraudulent use of your corporate identity. Using its proprietary Internet monitoring technology, proven processes and procedures and industry-leading security operations team, EMDYN identifies targeted identity theft activity such as malicious domain registration, phishing lures, spoof sites, malware distribution points and the post-attack gathering and exchange of compromised credentials.

Our advanced technology uses a combination of heuristics, exploit detection, signature matching, and analyst review to provide the industry’s most comprehensive anti-phishing, anti-pharming and anti-malware services. As traditional phishing models experience modest growth or even stabilization, malware attacks and other advanced attack methods are on the rise. Unless your anti-phishing service provider is able to address these new threats, you will have an incomplete solution to an ever-increasing problem.

Advanced detection
EMDYN provides the industry’s best overall 24×7 monitoring coverage of junk (spam) email and up to 30% better detection and 7 hours earlier, over competition, even in « difficult » countries.

  • Nearly 2 billion spam messages per month
  • Industry’s fastest detection of phishing URLs, up to 7 hours earlier than traditional phishing vendors
  • Site Seal
  • Honeypots
  • Web Log Monitoring
  • Abuse Box Monitoring
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Email, Spam & Phish Feeds from Partners and Providers
  • Web Crawling
  • Domain Registration Analysis

Real-time alerts keep you informed on the go
Real-time alerts provide up-to-the-minute details of our response to phishing incidents targeting your brand, providing timely insight into the attack and the actions being performed to mitigate the threat. Your solution also includes valuable detail about the incident including timeline screenshots, summary reports, source code and even recovered credentials when retrieved during our investigation. Statistical analysis and scheduled reporting highlight some of the additional features delivered via the EMDYN Vigilance Platform.

Industry Leading Service Guarantees
EMDYN’s Service guarantees ensure that virtually all aspects of EMDYN Anti-Phishing from availability and configuration to detection and fraudulent site take downs are consistently addressed with the utmost efficiency. These Service Guarantees offer unique assurance.

Phishing and malware site takedown
After a phishing scheme is detected, EMDYN initiates site takedown procedures by leveraging the industry’s best 24 x 7 Security Operations Center.

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