Geographic Assessment

If you are planning or assessing whether to open an office in a new location, we can assess the target geographic area. Intelligence collected may include what other US businesses operate in that country, what is the crime rate, what would employees have to worry about if they were to reside in that area, etc…

Adversarial Group Reports

We can focus on a specific adversary, like an activist group and provide a report about the group, their modus operandi, previous activities by that group, etc….

Post incident monitoring

We collect and monitor for any residual information after a negative event or incident has occurred. Incidents may include layoffs or other internal changes within a company or may include an event like a bomb threat.

Insider threat

We search for information regarding violence in the workplace, alleged corporate espionage, EEOC/ADA violations and other insider threats.

Event Monitoring

We monitor for any disruptive activities – such as demonstrations and protests – that may be planned for a specific event. These events may be as small as a stockholders’ meeting or as large as the Olympics or the UN General Assembly.

Due diligence on a potential merger or acquisition

For any potential acquisitions mergers, we look for any legal actions, criminal actions, accusations of fraud, affiliations with vendors, investors, etc… for the target company, its executives and board.

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